Inventions by Hungarians

Hungarian inventors and scientists have created many things that we take for granted in our everyday lives.

– ArchiCAD architectural BIM software, created by Hungarian software company Graphisoft
– Ballpoint pen, invented by Lázló Bíró
– BASIC programming language, created by John George Kemeny and American Thomas E. Kurtz
– Holography, invented by Dennis Gabor
– Hydrogen Bomb, invented by Edward Teller
– Kodak Super Six-20 camera, the first camera with automatic exposure, designed by Joseph Mihalyi
– Krypton incandescent lamp, invented by Imre Bródy, together with Emil Theisz, Ferenc Kőrösy and Tivadar Millner
– Mimeograph, or stencil duplicator, invented by David Gestetner
– Noiseless match, invented by János Irinyi
– Rigid airship, invented by David Schwarz
– Rubik’s cube, invented by Ernő Rubik
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