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Procedures to obtain and renew a Hungarian Passport

As a member of the European Union the Hungarian passport authority is issuing second generation (biometric) e-passports with electronically scanned fingerprints for applicants aged more than 12 years old. Fingerprints will be taken electronically at the time of the application, therefore passport applications must be submitted… read more

Hungarian Citizenship

Hungarian citizens living abroad can prove their citizenship and identities with a valid Hungarian passport. If you do not have a Hungarian passport, or you have to attest to your citizenship at any Hungarian or foreign authorities you may request the issuance of a citizenship certificate from the Hungarian Ministry of Interior Affairs. The existence or loss of Hungarian citizenship or the fact the applicant has never been a Hungarian citizen can be proved by the citizenship certificate.

The Citizenship Certificate is issued by the Citizenship Department of the Ministry of Interior Affairs. The application with all attachments must be submitted to an accredited Hungarian Consul nearest to your registered place of residence, who will forward it to the Ministry of Interior Affairs… read more

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