Procedures to obtain and renew a Hungarian passport

As a member of the European Union, the Hungarian passport authority is issuing second generation (biometric) e-passports with electronically scanned fingerprints for applicants aged more than 12 years old.

Fingerprints will be taken electronically at the time of the application, therefore passport applications must be submitted in person at the Hungarian Embassy in Ottawa or at Extramural Consular Days. Passport application form and photographs are not required.

Appointments are required and can be scheduled online at


The following forms and documents are required for passport application or renewal:

1. Proof of Hungarian citizenship:

▪ Valid Hungarian passport or expired within maximum one year, or

▪ Valid Hungarian national ID card, or

▪ Valid Hungarian citizenship certificate;

If you do not have any of the above documents, you will need to submit the citizenship verification application form “Adatszolgáltatás állampolgárság hivatalbóli megállapításához”

2. Proof of identification:

▪ Valid passport (Hungarian or other), or

▪ Valid driver’s licence (Hungarian or Canadian);

▪ Hungarian birth certificate;

▪ Hungarian marriage certificate;

▪ Previous Hungarian passport;

If you are recently married and wish to apply for a passport in your married name, you must also attach your original marriage certificate. Marriages concluded abroad must also be registered in Hungary. You can apply for a passport in your married name only if your marriage has been registered in Hungary. In this case, please submit full marriage certificate with translation into Hungarian and the marriage registration form “A külföldön kötött házasság hazai anyakönyvezéséhez“.

3. Self-addressed and prepaid Xpresspost envelope;

4. Passport fee

The fee can be paid in cash or money order payable to the Embassy of Hungary. Consular fees are listed at


If you hold a current and valid Hungarian passport, it is important to submit your passport renewal application before your current passport expires, as the valid passport is proof of your Hungarian citizenship.

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